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The Instacart guide to monkfish

Eating fish as a staple at lunch or dinner is common for many individuals and families. Fish is nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals like omega-3 amino acids, vitamin B12, and D. It also has zinc, magnesium, iron, iodine, and potassium. Fish is known to have heart and brain function benefits, so if you're thinking of cooking up some monkfish, let's take a look at what it has to offer and some tips for how to cook it.

At first sight, the monkfish is quite a scary-looking fish with sharp teeth and a wide mouth, a large, flat head, arm-like fins, and a long tail which is why they are nicknamed "sea devils." The monkfish is a bottom-dwelling fish from the Atlantic Ocean that lives in both shallow waters. Instead of swimming, it uses its fins to glide along the sandy bottom and eats smaller fish with its wide mouth. It also has a bate-like appendage to attract prey to its mouth.

Although monkfish is a scary-looking fish, it's surprisingly delicious and delicate in flavor. People who don't usually like the fishy taste of seafood might like monkfish for its subtle taste. Monkfish is not as well known as lobster, but it is growing in popularity in the U.S. because of the different ways it can be cooked. It has been prized in Europe for many years for its lobster-like flavor. Each monkfish will give two large fillets as only the tail is edible and is what's mostly sold to consumers.

Monkfish is used commonly in French cuisine and fine dining, and the Japanese use the liver for hand rolls, nigiri sushi, or soup. Since it doesn't have a fishy flavor, chefs enjoy cooking this type of fish with bold, acidic flavors like lemon and capers. It also costs less than other fish with a similar taste.

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