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The Instacart guide to tequila products

 With the Instacart app, you can have your favorite tequila delivered, or you can pick it up curbside at a nearby store. When you place an order through Instacart, an Instacart shopper will assemble the beverages you choose and get them to you in as little as two hours. When you order tequila through Instacart, you can save some time and make your day more convenient. When you order your favorite tequila through the Instacart app, you can have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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Buy your favorite Tequila online with Instacart. Order Flavored Tequila, Unflavored Tequila, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about tequila

Mezcal refers to all agave-based spirits, so tequila is a type of Mezcal. Mezcals that aren't tequila are made from different types of agave, and they can come from different parts of Mexico. Instead of being cooked in an oven, Mezcal is cooked in a pit filled with wood, charcoal, and lava rocks. This method gives it a smokier flavor than tequila. 

You may find Mezcal with a worm in the bottle. This is actually a type of butterfly larva that feeds on agave plants. Mezcal with a larva can have a stronger flavor. However, tequila and most types of Mezcal don't have an insect inside them.

Agave from the Lowlands or the Jalisco Valley region of Mexico makes tequila with a more herbal, floral, citrus taste than plants grown at higher elevations. They usually produce tequila with a stronger, spicier flavor. The entire Jalisco region has red volcanic soil that's ideal for blue agave, and the best tequila is made there.

You can make your day a bit easier and have more time to relax and enjoy your tequila when you place an order through Instacart. Instacart shoppers will make the trip to a store for you, and ordering with your smartphone is simple.