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About Kanzi apples

The Kanzi apple is a classic deep red/orange apple. As a medium-sized, round apple, it is perfect to just bite into. As you bite into this crunchy and juicy apple, the sweetness and tartness will make your mouth tingle. On a warm day, it has a refreshingly crispy snap, and the intense flavor is pleasant. The inside flesh is yellowish, firm, and very fragrant. These apples are firm and keep their firmness for a long time, so it is a versatile and hearty apple. You can put it in a lunch box or throw it in a bag to take on a hike.

Kanzi apple is more of a dessert apple due to its sweetness. Some choose to modify sugar amounts when baking to balance the sweetness. When baking, the apple slices keep their shape, and since it is so dense, it makes a great baked apple, tart, apple turnover, or apple pie. Another way to enjoy Kanzi apples is to press them for apple juice or make applesauce. Since both freeze well, you can enjoy the apple for months thawing when you desire the taste of this sweet apple.

The Kanzi apple, a favorite in Europe, is also available in the United States. This apple variety was created in Belgium by crossing two common apples, the Braeburn and the Gala. In 2006, the Kanzi apples entered the marketplace and became quite popular in Belgium. The Kanzi apple combines the juicy flavor of the gala with the sweet and tangy Braeburn. It quickly became a popular apple throughout Europe. 

Appropriately named Kanzi means "hidden treasure" in Swahili. For it truly is a hidden treasure.

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FAQs About Kanzi Apples

Kanzi apples look appetizing on salads or alongside a cheese platter with other fruits with their bright and shiny red skin. Kanzi apples pair well with strong tasting cheese like gorgonzola or other blue cheeses, aged gouda, or aged cheddar. They can also work well with a creamy cheese like Brie or Camembert. 

Kanzi apples can be part of a healthy breakfast smoothie along with banana, spinach, and pure maple syrup.

All apples have a waxy coating that occurs naturally. When the fruit is washed, it comes off. Waxy coatings help prevent them from drying out, and sometimes a food-grade wax is applied to help them stay fresher for a longer period. Food grade wax is safe for consumption.

Yes, they are. Kanzi apples are grown in 11 countries and in different parts of the world. Each grower is carefully selected based on their climate and the soil the trees will grow in. Kanzi apples can last up to eight months or more in a professionally run controlled atmosphere storage facility, where temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide are regulated.
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