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The Instacart guide to squid products

Instacart grocers provide a wide variety of squid seafood items for every palate and preference. Visit the website to browse and buy the types you enjoy. 

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FAQs about squid

Squid meat taste ranges from rubbery to mild, depending on how it's cooked. Some people think squid meat is wholly tasteless, and others believe it is like chewing a rubber band.

When cooked on medium heat, its flavor tends to be mild, like lobster and shrimp. If overcooked, it can become rubbery and lose its unique taste. To preserve its taste, do not cook squid for a long time. The preparation method determines the meat's final taste in a dish. 

Because of its mild taste, the meat is included in many marinated Chinese cuisines. Grilled squid has a tender inside and effortlessly absorbs a sauce's flavor if served with one. Deep-fried meat has a chewy outside and becomes crispy around the tentacles. To get fully crispy squid meat, you need to boil it in hot water for several minutes to tenderize it.

Squid meat can be tricky to cook. It has a mild flavor similar to shellfish. You can consume the roe, baby squids, or adult squids as per your preference. In contrast, octopus meat has a good chewy taste. It can be utilized in multiple dishes, including sashimi and sushi, seafood cocktails, octopus salad, and soups like Tuscan soup prepared from young octopus.