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Beef Fajita Meat Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to beef Fajita meat

About beef Fajita meat

Classic beef Tex-Mex Fajitas are usually made with strips of skirt, rump, or flank steak. Skirt steak is the leanest of these three and has more flavor. Flank steak is a good option for those who like their steak well done since it can handle being cooked longer without getting tough.
  • Skirt steak: Skirt steak is sold as either the outside portion or the inside portion. The longer, narrower, and more tender outside skirt is the more desirable cut. Both cuts are popular for high-heat cooking, such as grilling or sauteing for fajitas.
  • Flank steak: Flank steak is very similar to skirt steak, but it comes from a different part of the cow. It is an inexpensive cut and can be tough, but it is very flavorful when cooked properly.
  • Rump steak: Rump steak is also a good choice. It has a lot of flavor, and you can find it in thin slices that work well for fajitas.

All these cuts of meat are available in the butcher section or meat section of the store. Depending on how you get the meat, you might have to cut it into slices before or after cooking, and you'll have to add seasoning. If you need a quick fix for Fajita night, you can also find pre-cooked and seasoned Fajita meat. All you need to do with this meat is add onions and peppers and heat it all up before wrapping it in a flour tortilla.

Use the Instacart app to shop for beef Fajita meat and all the ingredients you need for Fajitas. Since it can be delivered the same day, you can get a quick dinner on the table!

Beef Fajita Meat Near Me

Buy your favorite beef fajita meat online with Instacart. Order beef fajita meat from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Beef Fajita Meat

One way to make your beef Fajita meat tender is by marinating it. The acid in a marinade will soften the connective tissues. You can also pound skirt or flank steak to break down the connective tissues. To do this, use the flat side of a meat mallet and pound the meat until it's about 1/4 inch thick.

Scoring the meat after pounding will tenderize it even further, and this will also keep the meat from shrinking as it cooks. The downside to scoring is that it can dry out the meat because the cuts allow the juices to run out.

You can either marinate a full piece of flank or skirt steak and cut it after it's cooked or cut it into strips before marinating to allow the marinade to penetrate deeper into the meat. If you cut the meat first, you should saute it in a pan on the stove. The pieces will be too small for the grill. Leaving it whole allows you to grill the meat if you like the charred flavor. 

Instacart makes it quick and easy to find the beef Fajita meat you want for dinner. Whether you are short on time and need precooked and seasoned meat or you want to make it yourself, you can order through Instacart and get it in as little as 2 hours!
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