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The Instacart guide to Athena melon products

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FAQs about Athena melons

Athena melons are a hybrid cantaloupe variety. Botanically speaking, Athena melons are part of Cucumis Melo Reticulatus and members of the Cucurbitaceae family, which makes them muskmelons.

In the United States, Athena melons (and in fact most types of muskmelon) are referred to commercially as cantaloupes. True cantaloupes are actually warty fruits that grow mostly in Europe. Cantaloupes grown in the U.S. use the generic name cantaloupe for any netted, musky melons. Depending on the region, Athena melons might be called muskmelons or cantaloupes.

Created as a commercial variety of cantaloupe that could grow successfully in the eastern U.S., Athena melons were bred so that they would stay firm when ripe and deliver an excellent holding ability for both shipping and shelf life. It's no wonder, then, that Athena melons are now one of the most popular muskmelon or cantaloupe cultivars in the southeastern U.S.

When you're ready to slice open an Athena melon, make sure you do so carefully. Cantaloupe-type melons risk bacterial contamination when cut, so learn safe handling practices to enjoy your favorite melons.

First, you should always wash your hands and utensils before and after cutting. To help get rid of bacterial contamination, you can rinse a whole Athena melon under cool, running water while gently scrubbing its rind using a natural bristle brush. Pat the Athena melon dry before slicing it open. Then, put the melon on a clean surface to cut it. Remove the stem end and discard it. You can then scoop the seeds out and slice your Athena melon into sections of your desired size.

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