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The Instacart guide to malt liquors

Malt liquor is a lager or ale made with sugar, rice, corn, or another additive to boost the number of fermentable sugars. This increases the final alcohol concentration without creating a heavier beer. Most beer is made primarily with barley malt, with a significant amount of hops incorporated throughout the brewing process. Malt liquors use less expensive corn and rice instead of barley, sometimes even straight sugar, and just a small amount of hops, which creates a less hoppy beer. Because it only has a small amount of hops, it's not bitter, and it has a fruitier taste. Malt liquor is almost always a lager, and since it has a high concentration of sugar, it tends to be more carbonated than regular beer.

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FAQs about malt liquor

The most significant difference between beer and malt liquor is the fermentation process. Since malt liquor is a lager, it goes through a bottom fermentation process. This means that brewers use a bottom-fermenting yeast that settles at the bottom of the fermentation container. When brewing ale beer, brewers use a top-fermenting yeast, which floats to the top.

Beer and malt liquor also have different alcohol contents. Malt liquors tend to have much higher alcohol by volume than beer. The average ABV for beer is under 5%, whereas malt liquor ranges from 6-9%.