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Fennel Bulb Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to fennel bulb products

Sweet and crunchy when eaten raw, silky when cooked, the fennel bulb is an incredibly versatile food. Let Instacart make your day easier when you order your favorite fennel bulb products!

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FAQs about fennel

You can use all parts of a fennel plant, including the fennel bulb, feathery fronds, and stalk. All parts are edible and can add flavor and texture to everything from salads to slaws to pasta dishes and beyond. The tender fronds work particularly well in salads, and you can chop the stalks into stews or use them to make vegetable stock.

You can take a salad to the next level with the licorice flavor and crunchy texture of raw fennel bulbs. If you want to soften the bulb's flavor, you can grill, braise, roast, or sauté it. You can use stalks instead of celery in stews or soups or make a bed for meat or roasted chicken. You can use fronds as a garnish or chopped like herbs such as parsley or dill. Fennel also goes well with seafood.

You can prepare any fennel bulb by trimming any brown areas from the bottom, then removing the fronds and stems. You should also remove any parts that are damaged.

When you want to serve your fennel raw, your best bet is to slice it very thin using a mandolin or sharp chef's knife. Stand a fennel bulb on its root and cut into the bulb vertically.  When you'd like to cook your fennel bulb, you can chop, slice, or quarter it first. You can even pickle slices of the bulb to snack on. 

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