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About tangelos

Tangelos are hybrid fruits, which means a horticulturist breeds two fruit species to create a new type of fruit. In this case, the tangelo is a cross between one type of citrus fruit, usually a tangerine, and one type of pomelo, an ancestor of the modern grapefruit. They're named tangelo as a combination of the names tangerine and pomelo. Some also call them honeybells because of their bell-like shape and sweet flavor, which is reminiscent of honey.

This hybrid fruit has a sweet and tangy flavor with a tart aftertaste, courtesy of the pomelo used to create them. Tangelos are exceptionally juicy and have a rich citrus aroma. The fruits look similar to oranges, aside from their extended base, which resembles the neck of a bell. They're about the size of a fist and tend to have a redder color than oranges. You can typically find tangelos during their peak season between December and April, depending on the variety. Florida growers produce most of the tangelos you'll find in stores, but they're also grown in groves worldwide.

You'll find that tangelos are easy to peel and have thick skin, similar to an orange. However, they tend to have fewer seeds than oranges. They're also a healthy snack option since one tangelo only has about 70 calories while also providing high amounts of vitamin C and folate.

In addition to being a delicious treat on their own, tangelos are an excellent substitute for other citrus fruits in recipes, and they make a great salad topping. If you want to try a new twist on a drink or recipe that calls for orange juice, try juicing a tangelo. One cup of juice usually requires between 2-4 tangelos.

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