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The Instacart guide to Meyer lemons

About Meyer lemons

Meyer lemons are named after the American explorer who discovered them in China and brought them back to the United States in the early 1900s. Though it's not proven, it's believed that Meyer lemons were formed from cross-breeding a mandarin orange and a standard lemon. Through the Meyer lemon has been in the United States for quite some time, it wasn't until Martha Stewart started using them in her recipes that this fruit became widely popular.

Meyer lemons are about the size of a standard lemon but are sometimes smaller. The skin of a Meyer lemon is a deeper yellow with orange hues compared to other lemons. Meyer lemons also have thinner skin, with less of a pith than other lemons. This pith is less bitter as well.

The Meyer lemon is described as having a sweeter taste than other lemons. The flavor has floral hints and can taste spiced when the fruit is ripe. This applies to both its juice and flesh. This lower level of acidity allows the Meyer lemon to be applied in recipes that might not benefit from the stronger, more acidic tastes of a standard lemon.

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