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The Instacart guide to Dortmunder lager

After World War II, Dortmunder Export was the undisputed favorite lager in Germany. Originally, it was brewed in the Ruhr district, the industrial hub of the German State. This area had several coal mines and steel industries. After a grueling day spent in the underground mines or working in the steel industry's blazing blast furnace, tired industrial workers needed the perfect brew. To cater to this market, this pale lager was first brewed by Dortmund Union in Dortmund, Germany, hence the name Dortmunder.

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FAQs about Dortmunder

A complex blend of malty sweetness and the bitterness of hops gives this beer a unique flavor. Initially thought to be a niche product for Germany's industrial workers, it helps you relax your muscles and beat that heat.

The Dortmunder Export is a balanced German lager. To maintain the balance, it is important to watch over the gravities and, if needed, make adjustments. The rate of boil should be appropriate, and there should be a precise measure of hops. The fermentation temperature of the fermenters should be watched closely. Any good brewing water will do, but adding some gypsum and chalk to very soft water would emphasize the hop bitterness.

Original Gravity: 1.048-1.056 

Final Gravity: 1.010-1.015 

International Bitterness Units: 23-30 

Standard Reference Method: 4-6 

Alcohol by Volume: 4.8-6.0%

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