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About hanger steak

Also known as hanging tenderloin or butcher's steak, hanger steak is taken from the animal's plate, which is the upper belly. It was known as butcher's steak because butchers used to cut off the slab and keep it for themselves instead of selling it. It really gets its name because it seems just to hang off the animal.

This tender cut of meat is found between the cow's rib and loin, and although it has a long inedible membrane that runs down the middle, it's one of the most tender pieces of meat available. Its dense muscle makes it ideal for marinating and slicing thinly. When examining the animal, this piece of meat is relatively small. For instance, if you consider an 800-pound animal, it only has about 1.5 pounds of hanger steak.

Hanger steak is often seen on menus as bistro steak and is commonly found in Mexican cuisine. One popular way of preparing it is to marinate, grill, and serve with a slice of lime. You can slice it and add it to tortillas along with all the fixings.

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