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The Instacart guide to hanger steak

Hanger Steak Near Me

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FAQs about hanger steak

With the right amount of seasoning and then grilled to perfection, hanger steak is one of the tastiest cuts. Since it's a member of the flat steak family, hanger steak has excellent flavor, similar to that of skirt steak or a rib eye. The big difference between hanger steak and the other two types of meat is the hanger benefits from longer cooking so that you can get a more tender piece. You want a piece of hanger steak that has quality marbling as this gives a solid amount of fat to enhance the meat's flavor. 

Before you can cook this delicious piece of meat, you need to trim the fat off of it. Use a sharp boning knife to remove all the silverskin and excess fat from the exterior. To do this, slide the tip of the knife underneath the silverskin while you grab the skin with your free hand. Carefully pull the knife underneath, removing as little of the meat as possible.

The goal is to get a piece of meat with two muscles attached with a thick membrane or sinew running down the center. Cut the steak in half along the sinew, so you end up with two individual hanger steaks. Trim down each one, and you are ready to cook.

Since it has a loose texture, hanger steak works well with most marinades. Try soaking it a mixture of olive oil, garlic, peppercorns, and fresh herbs overnight since the oil acts as a binding agent, spreads the seasoning around the meat, and aids in browning. Before you put the meat on the grill, wipe it dry. Failing to do so will make it difficult to achieve a golden-brown sear. Don't forget to add plenty of salt and pepper once it starts to cook.