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The Instacart guide to giant puffball mushrooms

About giant puffball mushrooms

Originally called Calvatia Gigantea, giant puffball mushrooms are a special type of mushroom, notable due to their unusual shape and size. Unlike most mushrooms, they lack the usual cap and stem, as they usually just have the appearance of a large white globe. They vary in size, with most having a circumference between four and 30 inches, but it's not uncommon for some to develop even further. A larger-than-average specimen of a giant puffball mushroom can grow to almost two feet in length.

A giant puffball mushroom can hold over 7 trillion spores. It releases them either by being cracked open or through a small opening at the top, allowing the wind to spread them. It is an edible mushroom with a nutty and earthy taste that quickly absorbs other flavors, suitable to being used in a wide range of dishes. Aside from being good to eat, they also have potential medical uses, with its dry spores reportedly being used by Native Americans as a natural coagulant that stops the bleeding in case of an open wound and prevents infection.

Preparing a giant puffball mushroom for cooking is typically easier than a regular mushroom because of its round shape and thick skin, keeping most dirt and debris on the outer side. Therefore, all you have to do is peel off the skin, and you will be left with a clean interior. Although some people also eat the skin, it is usually much tougher to chew than the inside of the mushroom. However, it is usually best to keep the skin on until you're ready to cook the mushroom, as this can keep the interior part from drying out.

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