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Pork Rib Steaks Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to pork rib steaks

About pork rib steaks

Whether you're gearing up to grill or you're craving a quick skillet meal, pork rib steaks are a great pick. These juicy cuts are also easy to order from your local supermarket. Fill your cart with your favorite pork cuts and order via Instacart. Choose from same-day contactless delivery or pickup in as little as 2 hours so you can get cooking!

If you're accustomed to referring to pork cuts as “chops” and beef cuts as “steaks,” you might find the name “pork rib steaks” confusing. In fact, some supermarkets and butchers use “pork rib steaks” and “pork rib chops” interchangeably. However, the label “pork rib steaks” is more common as it helps differentiate this cut from pork chops.

Although you might be more familiar with popular cuts like pork chops or pork ribs, pork rib steaks are just as delicious and versatile. As the name suggests, pork rib steaks come from the rib section of the pork loin, near where you'd find the blade chops.

No matter what you call them, pork rib steaks are distinctive because they come with the bone, allowing for beautiful plating and presentation. After preparing and serving them, pork rib steaks are easy to cut away from the bone so you can dig in.

Pork Rib Steaks Near Me

Buy your favorite pork rib steaks online with Instacart. Order pork rib steaks from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Pork Rib Steaks

These two pork cuts are very similar, so it's easy to get them confused. Both come from the rib portion of the loin, and they can be labeled as either steaks or chops.

However, the key difference is that pork rib steaks are bone-in chops, while pork rib-eye steaks are boneless chops. Some people think the bone-in nature of pork rib steaks gives them added flavor. That's up to you to decide, as a lot of the flavor comes from the recipe you choose.

For many recipes, pork rib steaks and pork rib-eye steaks would both work beautifully, as you can grill, sear, or broil both types of cuts. That means the main difference between the two is really the look and the plating.

Like any cut of meat, pork rib steaks are perishable, which means it's important to store them safely. You can freeze pork rib steaks for anywhere from four to 12 months. That means you can stock up during a sale and keep them on hand when you're ready to enjoy.

When it's time to get cooking, thaw your pork rib steaks in the refrigerator. They keep for three to five days at this temperature, so be sure to defrost them only when necessary.

Pork rib steaks are known for being juicy and tender, and the bone adds an extra hint of flavor. However, they're even better when you add your favorite seasonings.

Before grilling, searing, or broiling your pork rib steaks, add a dry rub or a marinade. Add your favorite dry rub to your Instacart order, or whip up a flavorful marinade with sweet, salty, and tangy notes! No matter how you prepare your pork rib steaks, they're bound to satisfy the whole family or impress your guests.
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