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The Instacart guide to Champagne

Perhaps no drink is as evocative as Champagne. The most emblematic drink of celebrations ranging from wedding engagements to career promotions, Champagne holds an important place in some of the most notable moments of our lives. Whether you are recognizing an important moment or simply enjoying a Champagne cocktail before dinner, Instacart boasts a wide variety of Champagne offerings that can arrive at your door with same-day delivery. 

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Buy your favorite Champagne online with Instacart. Order Champagne from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about Champagne

Champagne is ideally served cold at a temperature of 40-50°F. To quickly chill a bottle, either place it in the refrigerator for 3 hours or surround it with ice in a bucket for 30 minutes. Once you have opened the bottle, return it to a bucket of ice mixed with water to keep it chilled until you pour the next glass. 

While you may think of flying corks and ear-shattering popping noises, Champagne is best opened in a way that allows for a slow release of pressure. First, remove the outer foil from around the neck and remove the wire cage around the cork. Holding the bottle at a 45-degree angle, place a towel over the cork and slowly twist the bottle. The pressure will gradually release to force out the cork gently. 

While most Champagnes are available in a standard 750mL bottle, there are several different sizes of Champagne bottles to match your celebratory needs. Individual mini bottles are a fun way to give everyone a chance to pop the cork and can be a fun option for a party or even to enjoy a smaller size of bubbly for a weeknight dinner. If you are entertaining larger groups, many specially sized bottles can make sharing a drink even more noteworthy. A magnum is a bottle that is the volumetric equivalent of 2 bottles of Champagne, and a jeroboam contains 4 bottles. Several other bottle options are also available depending on the group you are hosting and the splash you hope to make! To make a special event all the more unforgettable, your friends and family will be wowed by the gargantuan nebuchadnezzar, which holds an astonishing 20 bottles of bubbly. Whether you are marking a new year, a major milestone, or just enjoying a fresh and fruity glass of bubbly, you can save time and money by ordering via Instacart today.