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The Instacart guide to banana leaves

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FAQs about banana leaves

While you don't consume banana leaves, any nutrients found in the leaves seep into the food, whether the food is cooked inside of the banana leaf or served on it. Banana leaves contain the antioxidant polyphenol, which can help boost your immune system. Polyphenols also have antibacterial properties, which may help to kill germs found in food. Banana leaves also have a specific type of polyphenol, called polyphenol oxidase, which can help fight free radicals.

Banana leaves are used for cooking throughout the world. In many countries, fresh fish, meat, and poultry get wrapped in a large section of banana leaf and steamed. The steamed food comes out moist, with a subtle hint of banana leaf flavor. In Indonesia, cooks make small packets of food from banana leaves. They fill them with sticky rice, vegetables, and protein and then steam, grill, or fry the packets for individual servings.

Polynesian cultures line a barbecue pit, called an imu, with banana leaves. They make a fire inside of the imu and then place a whole pig inside of the pit. They wrap the pig in the leaves and slowly cook it for hours. The pig comes out moist, tender, and tasting like sweet banana leaf.