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FAQs about garlic

Garlic's strong odor may be evident when eaten in large quantities. The reason is traced to the sulfur compounds, which get metabolized and form allyl methyl sulfide (AMS). The body cannot digest AMS, so it passes into the bloodstream and gets carried to the lungs and skin. Digestion can take hours, so the garlicky smell may be present for a long time.

Some say eating parsley will counteract garlic breath. Others claim that eating garlic can repel mosquitos because of AMS being in the bloodstream. Neither claim has scientific evidence to support it. 

Scientists have long associated garlic with health benefits, dating back to Pliny's "Natural History" in AD 77, yet these theories fall under the category of folk medicine. Today, the health benefits of garlic are often debated. Several studies have shown minimal effects on cardiac health and cancer prevention. However, study limitations often overshadow the clarity of research. The link between garlic and platelet aggregation has some doctors cautioning people who are on blood thinner medication to avoid garlic.