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About turkey leg

A turkey leg consists of the thigh of the turkey down to the meat below the knee joint. You can find the two together in some grocery stores, but in most cases, what you see will be the drumstick only. You've probably seen and enjoyed a turkey drumstick at your local fair or amusement park, usually smoked or slow-roasted with the skin on. 

In the grocery store, you'll find the turkey drumstick alone or with the thigh attached. Either way, it's ready to cook. You can also find turkey drumsticks smoked and packaged for sale. A smoked turkey leg has already been cooked and can be eaten right out of the package cold or included in recipes that call for pre-cooked meat. 

A whole turkey leg has the skin on and bone-in and weighs between one and two pounds. The turkey leg consists of all dark meat, which many prefer to the white meat found in the breast. The thigh meat typically has a darker color than white, yet lighter than the drumstick and equally tender.

The turkey leg costs less than the breast meat, mainly because of the bone and resulting connective tissue, but its flavor lends well to all cooking methods and seasonings. Turkey legs have more fat in the meat and taste more like duck legs rather than chicken legs. Their savory umami flavor can have a slight gaminess but will have excellent texture and plenty of juice.

You can buy farm-raised turkey legs, pasture-raised turkey legs, or even wild-caught turkey legs at some grocery stores. The wild-caught turkey has the most gaminess of the three as they feed entirely off the land, eating everything from mice and bugs to grass and algae. Wild-caught turkey tends to be tougher than the pasture-raised and more so than the farm-raised turkey, in large part because of the exercise the bird gets in the wild versus the more casual lifestyle of kept birds.

The turkey is native to the Americas and was brought to Europe and Asia in the 1500s by the Spanish. The original pilgrims brought over those turkeys depicted in your historical accounts of the first Thanksgiving from those bred in Europe.

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