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The Instacart guide to leg of lamb 

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FAQs about leg of lamb

People often describe lamb meat as a combination of game and beef, though it's distinctly different from most other meats. However, it's most similar in taste to a young goat. Lamb meat's unique smell is due to the caprylic acid present in its fat. In younger animals, these substances haven't fully developed. Therefore, the scent is not as powerful.

Suckling lambs are approximately 25 days old when slaughtered. Its diet is exclusively breast milk at this age, giving the suckling lamb a flavor distinct of its own.

When defrosting lamb, allow four to seven hours for every 500 grams of meat. Small roasts take around three to five hours per 100 grams. If you're preparing lamb steaks for dinner, allow 12 hours, or take it out of the freezer before you go to bed.

If you plan on defrosting lamb in the microwave, remove any freezer wrap or non-microwavable Styrofoam and place the lamb in a dish. Microwave using the defrost setting. Pause if the edges feel warm and resume once or cold again. 

Once it's thawed, cook lamb meat immediately. Please do not leave it to sit in the fridge or on the counter.

Leg of lamb is lean meat, so you can serve it pink. However, it has enough fat to maintain moisture while cooking. Take caution serving any meat pink and ensure its internal temperature is at least 145°F for medium-rare, 160°F for medium, and 170°F for well-done.

Lamb's leg serves well with many sides, like vegetables, potatoes, and beans. Some of the popular veggie sides include asparagus, peas, and broccoli. Roasted carrots or garlic mashed potatoes are other options of tasty side dishes.

Lamb is high in unsaturated fatty acids known to be helpful for diets. Leg of lamb is also a good source of high-quality protein but is not particularly rich in vitamins or minerals like iron and zinc or B-12. Regular lamb consumption may promote muscle growth and prevent conditions like anemia.

However, it's important to note that several substances found in red meats, including heterocyclic amines, may increase the chance of certain kinds of cancers. When you cook red meat at extremely high temperatures similar to frying, grilling, and baking, these substances form.