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The Instacart Buying Guide to Fragrances

Treat yourself or someone you love to a favorite fragrance by shopping the selection available through Instacart. With a wide range of products in one easy-to-shop spot, Instacart simplifies the process of finding a go-to scent. Whether you have a favorite product or brand or you're trying out new fragrances, you'll save time and money when you order via Instacart. Just add these quality fragrances to your cart and then enjoy delivery in as little as 2 hours. No matter if you're shopping for holiday or birthday gifts or just to please yourself, Instacart makes your day a little easier.

Fragrances Near Me

Buy your favorite Fragrances online with Instacart. Order Body Sprays, Perfume, Cologne, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs About Fragrances

Many shoppers believe the difference between perfume and cologne involves the gender of the person wearing the scent. In fact, anyone can use either product — the true difference comes down to the concentration of fragrance oils in a given fragrance's water and alcohol base.

Perfumes have a higher concentration of fragrance oils than their cologne counterparts. A typical oil concentration in perfume is between 20-30%, making perfumes the most intense fragrance you can choose. Colognes, on the other hand, have oil concentrations closer to around 2-4%. The term cologne usually refers to light and fresh fruit or musky scents.

The oil concentration will determine how long a scent lasts and when you should use it. One application of perfume can last a full 24 hours. Cologne tends to last a few hours, so you may need to reapply.

Finding your signature scent comes down to personal preference, but you can use some tried-and-true tricks while exploring the fragrance world. Try only about three scents at a time to give each fragrance a proper shot, starting with lighter scents such as aqueous fragrances. You might try a musk, then citrus, then a floral, and then go into heavier, woody options.

Understanding the different scent options goes a long way when you're exploring perfumes. Common terms include:
  • Citrus: Scents such as lemon, lime, and orange fall into this category.
  • Floral: Floral fragrances cover everything from roses to peonies to white florals to violets.
  • Musk: Musky scents are earthy. Some are similar to the smell of clean laundry.
  • Oriental: These scents can be a little powdery with a touch of sweetness or spice.
  • Smoky: Think fragrant cedar chips or campfires.
  • Woody: Woody scents range from creamy and nutty to sandalwood to spicy.

If you're making handmade items such as soap, you can use either essential oils or fragrance oils for scent, depending on your preferences. Essential oils are great for people who prefer natural scents. They are extracted from flowers, herbs, and plants, typically through steam distillation. The gentle process makes sure sensitive compounds do not break down.

However, not everything in nature produces essential oils, so you'll have fewer options to choose from with essential oils than with fragrance oils. Some essential oils can't be left on the skin or used if you have certain health conditions.

Fragrance oils come in more than 200 varieties. If you want a scent such as vanilla or strawberry, fragrance oils are the way to go. Though you will always need to read a given product's description, fragrance oils are also typically skin-safe for use in projects such as bath bombs, lotion, and soap.

Body mist is a lighter fragrance option that's perfect for a fresh just-out-of-the-shower scent. You can use a body mist as a lighter alternative to perfume or even layer it with perfume to create your signature scent. However, body mist lasts for a much shorter time than perfume, so you may need to reapply to make sure the beautiful fragrance lasts. Body mists typically last for around four hours. They offer a good option for a subtle boost of fragrance during the day.

Whether you're shopping for a gift or it's time to treat yourself, you'll find a wide array of fragrance products to love on Instacart. Save time and money shopping for your favorite scents from your favorite stores via Instacart today!