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About whole grouper

Grouper is a meaty white fish that belongs to the sea bass family. It has firm flesh with a flavor that's similar to halibut or bass. Grouper comes from the South Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. The meat is white, both raw and cooked. This mild-tasting fish doesn't have the strong "fishy" flavor that some people find unappealing. Rather, it's good at taking on the flavor of the seasonings that it's prepared with. It is slightly sweet and may remind you of crab or lobster.

Grouper breaks into large flakes. It's oily enough to retain its moistness through nearly any type of preparation. There are many different types of grouper that you may find in the store. Some common options include:
  • Black grouper: Black grouper is usually around 20 pounds. It has firm flesh and a stronger flavor than other types of grouper.
  • Red grouper: Red grouper is usually between 5 and 15 pounds. It's sweeter than black grouper with softer flesh.
  • Strawberry grouper: Also known as calico grouper, this speckled grouper has a mild, sweet flavor. They're usually between 2 and 4 pounds.
There are many other types of grouper in the ocean, but most are not sold commercially. About 70% of the grouper harvest in North America is red grouper, so if a package doesn't specify the type of grouper, it's most likely this variety. Though grouper can get very large, the smaller whole fish are healthier. You can leave your Instacart shopper a note specifying the preferred size for your fish as well as other details!

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