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About châteaubriand steak products

Châteaubriand is a French term, though its meaning is not quite clear. Some people believe châteaubriand refers to a specific cut of steak. Others use châteaubriand to mean a method for roasting a beef tenderloin. All in all, châteaubriand is a culinary term that applies only to beef.

The châteaubriand legend starts with a French aristocrat named François-René de Châteaubriand, who lived in the 19th century. This aristocrat's chef was said to invent the dish by preparing a large, boneless beef cut layered in two or more steaks. The layers of meat were tied in a bundle, then grilled or roasted. Once the steaks that formed the outer layers were charred, the chef considered the roast done and discarded the burnt outer steaks. The extravagant technique was said to ensure the châteaubriand steak cooked throughout evenly.

Today, châteaubriand isn't prepared wrapped in other steaks, and interpretations of the word châteaubriand debate whether the term refers to a roast or steak.

When châteaubriand refers to a châteaubriand steak cut, it's often a thick steak that comes from the beef short loin. It can either be a T-bone or porterhouse. You'll usually cook a châteaubriand steak while generously basting it in butter. This dish was served traditionally with château sauce, which is similar to Bercy sauce but with tarragon, lemon juice, and sometimes mushrooms added to the sauce. A modern châteaubriand steak is typically served with bearnaise sauce instead.

When the word châteaubriand is used to mean a method of roasting, the roast comes from a beef tenderloin's center section. Beef tenderloin is a relatively expensive cut of beef, and it delivers a tender, succulent meal. (Filet mignon also comes from the beef tenderloin but is the narrow portion of the tenderloin.) Beef tenderloin is lean, flavorful, and soft. When châteaubriand is prepared as a roast, you'll usually get it with a white wine demi-glace sauce.

The châteaubriand roast preparations take a section of approximately 4 inches of the beef tenderloin, so you're getting the most tender cut of beef available. The châteaubriand needs careful roasting to ensure it cooks properly since it's so thick. You'll often find butcher shops marketing center-cut beef tenderloin roasts in this way.

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