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About pork hock

Pork hock, also called ham hock or pork knuckle, is the joint near a pigs' foot's metatarsals. It's the area where the foot attaches to the leg and the extreme shank of the leg bone. Pork hocks are primarily fat, connective tissue, and bone, although some meat. 

Pork hock is a popular staple in the "soul food" of the American South and the Mid-Atlantic States. This cut of meat serves nicely alongside greens and other vegetables when tossed in flavorful sauces. Some families like to add pork hock to their favorite soups like pea or ham soup, adding the meat right before serving. If the hock has plenty of meat, you can remove it and serve it as is. The hock has a particularly distinctive flavor, similar to pigs' cheeks.

Many cultures embrace pork hock as a part of their cuisines. It's popular in China when served with bok choy in gravy sauce. While in Thailand, ham hock and Sauerkraut are a favorite among locals. Italy, Germany, and Switzerland also include pork hock in many of their traditional dishes. 

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