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About Corvina

Corvina is an Italian grape used for red wines.  Found almost exclusively in the Veneto region, it is primarily used in Valpolicella, Amarone, and Bardolino wines, which are explored in greater detail below. Corvina grapes ripen late in the season. 

Corvina have thick skins that are ideal for air drying. As they dry, the grapes develop sugars and phenols that help concentrate the flavor. Corvina grapes have also been used in barrel-aging.

Corvina wines have a distinctive sour cherry flavor with herbaceous notes. They're typically bright red in color and have high acidity. Corvina wines may fall under one of three Italian wine classifications:
  • DOCG (Denominazione di OrigineControllata e Garantita): This classification controls the grape varieties, ripeness, yield limits, winemaking procedures, and bottle or barrel maturation. These wines are subject to professional tastings.
  • DOC (Denominazione di OrigineControllata): This classification features about 330 titles, each of which has set laws governing the wine style, grape variety, and viticultural zone.
  • IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica): This is the only title winemakers can produce a 100% Corvina wine under. The IGT classification allows far more freedom for winemakers.

Corvina Near Me

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FAQs About Corvina

Corvina is a family of fish species as well as a type of grape. There are many types of Corvina fish including kingfish, white sea bass, and speckled sea trout. When shopping for Corvina fish, you'll use the name of the species rather than the overarching fish family to find what you're looking for.

No, Corvina and Corvinone are two different grape varieties. Though Corvina and Corvinone were once thought to be clones, genetic research has conclusively proven that this is not the case. In fact, these grapes are not even closely related despite their similarities.

Corvinone grapes grow in looser, larger bunches than Corvina grapes. The grapes themselves are also larger than their Corvina counterparts. Corvinone grapes typically ripen later than Corvina grapes. Both Corvina and Corvinone grapes grow in the Veneto region of Italy and are used in Bardolina, Valpolicella, and Amarone wines, so you may taste Corvinone grapes alone with their Corvina counterparts.

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