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About Muenster cheese

Muenster, also known as Munster, is an imitation of the French Munster cheese. Its original name came from the word monastery. It was initially made by monks who dwelled in the Alsace region and the Admodiation, an area at the top Vosgian Mountains in France. Its flavor varies from light to strong depending on the age of the cheese. Normally, aged cheese possesses a stronger taste as compared to undeveloped cheese. It has a smooth texture and a disk-shaped form. The cheese has a creamy gold interior and a pale orange-dyed exterior.

Benedictine monks who migrated from the Alsace region of France originally made Muenster cheese. “Munster” its original name came from the name monastery. The cheese was a method to save milk and feed many people in the Admodiation, an area at the top of the Vosgian Mountains of France. Cattle herders who pastured the area occupied these areas. The cattle herders paid their fees and tithes to political leaders and religious leaders. This mountain population used to pay their dues with jars of butter and cheese. 

Here are the various types of Muenster cheese:

French: The French variant is further classified into two different variations. These include the Farmhouse type and the industrial type. These variants differ in their preparations. Farmhouse uses unpasteurized milk, whereas the industrial type uses pasteurized milk. The industrial cheese flavor is mild as compared to the farmhouse type.

German: German cheese production has declined in recent years. We had two companies producing the German cheese- Glocknerhof and Kaserei Zurwies. The cheese exportation from these companies has declined over the years.

American: The American cheese is soft and has no smell in the pale orange rind. American cheese uses pasteurized milk and has an average three-week aging period.Here are other interesting facts about Muenster cheese:
  • Muenster cheese originated around the 7th century in a monastery in the Alsace region of France. America and Germany have adopted this cheese as their own.
  • The cheese has a mild flavor when young and a strong flavor when aged.
  • Slicing the cheese ahead of time is not recommendable. Keep it in a chunk.
  • It is recommended you eat the cheese at room temperature. 
  • Freezing of the cheese alters with its original taste and flavor.
  • Surface molds on the cheese are perfectly normal.
Muenster cheese is eaten differently in many areas. Some of the various ways you can eat Muenster cheese are:
  • A grilled sandwich is a popular diet in many homes. Melt the cheese and put it in burgers whilst it on the grill for complete melting.
  • Most people add this cheese to their dish to bring out a flavor without interfering with the entire dish because of its mild state.
When you want to eat your favorite Muenster cheese in the comfort of your home, visit our website and order through the Instacart app, and we will deliver it to your doorstep in as little as 2 hours!

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FAQs About Muenster

The cheese is added to a pale orange rind made from paprika. The orange rind adds color and flavor to the cheese.

We make Muenster cheese from pasteurized cow milk. This is the procedure for homemade Muenster cheese.
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