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The Instacart guide to Godello

With its origins in the Northwest Spanish province of Galicia, Godello is a type of white wine. It dates back to the 19th century in Valencia, formerly known as Godello, where a local landowner planted the first vines.

Godello almost went extinct in the mid-20th century when its plantings nearly vanished. Winemaking shifted in the area, and interest in the Godello grape fell. People were ripping up old vineyards, trying to plant more productive grapes.

A group of winemakers took notice and believed they owed it to their ancestors and future generations to protect these ancient grapes. They campaigned to bring more attention to the grape and released examples of what it could offer. The result was a medium-bodied wine with a unique flavor steeped in tradition.

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FAQs about Godello

When looking at what food to enjoy with a glass of Godello, think about what foods you would eat with a Chardonnay. While it can stand up to spice, Godello pairs well with almost anything, thanks to its creamy characteristics. You can enjoy salad, roasted chicken, pasta, and buttery mashed potatoes with this wine. It also works well with rich seafood, such as Dungeness crab, trout, oysters, and clams. For a lighter fare, pair the wine with a creamy or semi-aged hard cheese.

In general, lighter wines and depth should be consumed at younger ages than those with higher acidity and darker color. Since Godello is a lighter wine, it's best to best consume it while it's young, when it has recently been bottled. Like the grape's lifecycle, which has earned the motto early grown, early ripening, Godello wines are also best from 1-5 years in the bottle.

As most white wines are best served cold, the ideal temperature to serve Godello is 45-50°F. If you don't have a wine refrigerator, remove it from the regular refrigerator 20 minutes before serving, so it's not too cold.

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