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The Instacart guide to Persian melons

Persian melon is a term used to describe a range of melons known as muskmelons. Within this melon group, you can find a number of different melons that are all cultivars of a plant species called Cucumis Melo. As the name implies, this melon variety originates from Persia, or Iran as it's referred to today. It was first discovered growing wild but has since changed a great deal. Brought to the Americas by early settlers sometime during the 17th century, Persian melons are now grown in several locations throughout the United States.

Because Persian melons encompass a wide variety of different melons, you've likely eaten one without even realizing it. These melons are available in many grocery stores throughout the summer months. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of Persian melons include their strong, sweet aroma and their unique rinds. When ripe, the rind is tan to cream-colored. Most Persian melons also have sweet flesh that's firm yet soft, but the color and exact flavor will vary depending on the type of Persian melon you choose.

You can enjoy Persian melons all on their own. Simply cut them open and scoop out the seeds found in the center. Slice them into pieces and eat the juicy flesh right off of the rind. Or you can cut them up and add them to a fruit salad. Persian melons make a refreshing snack on a hot summer day, plus they're healthy, making them ideal for eating any time.

When you need to save time, order your Persian melons through the Instacart app and have them delivered by an Instacart shopper! This makes it easy to eat healthy no matter how busy your schedule.

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FAQs about Persian melons

Whether you're eating Persian melon all on its own or with other foods, you'll enjoy a variety of health benefits from this savory fruit. It's low in sodium, making it good for your heart, and it's also fat-free and cholesterol-free, which are also beneficial to heart health.