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FAQ about grouse

Grouse is a very small game bird. Red grouse weigh between 10 and 12 ounces, including bones. If grouse is the main protein of your meal, plan on buying one grouse per person. If grouse is just one of several proteins, you may be able to stretch it to one grouse per two people.

The cooking method for a young grouse is different than that of an older grouse. To determine if your grouse is young or old, look at its feet and breastbone. The feet of a young grouse will have sharp claws, but an older grouse will have worn-down, smooth claws. The grouse's breastbone becomes less and less flexible as it ages. If your bird's breastbone flexes easily, it is probably young.

Grouse has an intense gamey flavor that needs to be balanced by dishes that are sweet or sour. Traditionally, grouse is served with au jus, gravy, or fruit jelly (particularly blackberry jelly). Roasted vegetables, seasonal fruits, and potatoes also pair well with grouse. Roasted grouse is excellent when served with a simple green salad dressed with a zesty vinaigrette.

Pairing wine with strongly-flavored poultry can be a challenge. Grouse pairs well with a dry Madeira, brandy, dry sherry, or a glass of strong red wine. Burgundy wine has gamey notes of its own, making it the perfect match to a meal of grouse.

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