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The Instacart guide to daikon radish

About daikon radish

Daikon radish is a root vegetable related to cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. Daikon radishes may also be called Japanese radish, Chinese radish, winter radish, long white radish, Asian radish, luobo, and icicle radish. This simple root vegetable is a staple in the diets of many Asian cultures. Daikon means "great root" in Japanese.

The most common daikon radish in the supermarket is long and white, resembling a chunky carrot. When shopping for daikon in the grocery store, you may come across the following daikon varieties:
  • Miyashige white: This daikon radish is pure white and can be 12 to 15 inches long.
  • KN-Bravo: The KN-Bravo has deep purple skin and light purple or white flesh. This variety can grow up to six inches long and has a slightly sweet flavor.
  • Alpine: This radish grows to five or six inches long and is a popular ingredient in kimchi due to its sweet flavor.
  • Watermelon: This heirloom daikon is round, with pale green skin and shockingly bright pink flesh. Watermelon radishes are slightly peppery and sweet.
  • Japanese Minowase: This is the largest of the daikon radishes, growing up to two feet long. Minowase radishes are white, crunchy, and sweet.
  • Shunkyo: Another round daikon variety, the Shunkyo radish has red skin and white flesh. This radish has an intense peppery flavor and pinkish leaves.
All daikon radishes have crisp, juicy flesh and thin skin. In addition to the root vegetable, daikon leaves are edible. The daikon radish is available in supermarkets year-round, but the peak season is November and December.

Daikon Radish Near Me

Buy your favorite daikon radish online with Instacart. Order daikon radish from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs About Daikon Radish

If the leaves of your daikon radishes are still attached, remove them. Storing your leaves and radishes separately will give each one a longer shelf life. Wrap daikon radishes in plastic or newspaper and store them in your fridge. Wrapped properly, whole daikon radishes will stay fresh for one to two weeks. Cut daikon will stay fresh in the refrigerator, but be sure to keep them separate from other foods such as mushrooms. Cut daikons have a strong odor that the foods around them can absorb.

Cooked daikon radishes can be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one week. Leaves will stay fresh in the fridge for three days. Daikon radishes can also be blanched and frozen for up to a month but should be used in cooked applications after thawing.

Daikon radishes are a nutritious addition to your diet. An average-sized daikon radish provides:
  • 61 calories
  • 22% of your daily potassium
  • Five grams of fiber
  • Two grams of protein
  • 124% of your daily vitamin C
  • 24% of your daily folate
Radishes also provide generous amounts of iron, vitamin B-6, magnesium, calcium, and copper. Daikon radish leaves are also packed with high amounts of vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and calcium.

Look for the following signs to determine if your radishes are spoiled:
  • A soft, mushy texture
  • Large or numerous black spots
  • Odd or unpleasant smell
  • Slimy or slick feel to the skin
Daikon radishes are a healthy way to add flavor and crunch to your dishes. Instacart makes it easy to find fresh daikon radishes at your local retailers! Use the Instacart app to order daikons anywhere and anytime. Take advantage of Instacart's contact-free delivery or pickup, often within 2 hours!
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