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Digestive Support Delivery or Pickup

Digestive Support Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart buying guide to digestive support

Digestive over-the-counter support products can act in three different ways. They can stop the acid from traveling upward, reduce the acid already in your stomach, or coat your stomach to soothe and protect it. Other digestive support includes low-acid and high-alkaline food and drinks. With so many options, it pays to look around for different digestion support products that best suit your symptoms.

Get your digestive support products from the wide range of items near you via Instacart. Whenever you are suffering from acid reflux, GERD, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, or gas, you want fast relief and assurance that you can easily continue to have the right medications, foods, and drinks on hand for quick relief. Any form of relief you need, Instacart has you covered.

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Buy your favorite Digestive Support online with Instacart. Order Probiotics and Prebiotics, Fiber, Other Digestive Supplements, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about digestive support

Never take more than one type of antacid at once. Antacids have substantial, diverse effects on the body that can be unpredictable in combination. Not only can mixing antacids cause contradictory or aggravating effects, but antacids are made to work effectively independently. In general, don't take any medications, other antacids, or alcohol within 2-4 hours of taking an antacid.

Smoothies incorporate vitamins and minerals, and can help relieve GERD. However, be careful about what's inside; berries, citrus, grapes, and pomegranate, among many other common fruit smoothie ingredients, will worsen acid-related stomach issues. As an alternative, one common alkaline smoothie recipe is kiwi fruit with apple, cucumber, and greens like kale or spinach.

Look for L-Glutamine, an amino acid to strengthen the intestine. Also, licorice root helps control a detrimental bacteria that causes ulcers and inflammation. Another helpful ingredient is Acacia Fibergum, which is full of soluble fiber broken down into fatty acids. It also has a healing effect on the intestinal wall lining. Finally, prebiotics will help because they fuel the good bacterial in your gut.