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About grouper steaks

Grouper is a category of fish that grows very large, in some cases reaching more than 100 pounds. These fish live in deep tropical seawater in out-of-the-way locations, surrounded by coral reefs, which means they are typically caught by hook and line. Grouper steaks are packed with nutrition, providing elements to your diet that can assist in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

Grouper steaks have a firm texture. Its flaky white meat is described as having a light, sweet flavor—grouper flakes into large pieces in the same way you might expect from a lobster or a crab. Culinary experts place grouper on a taste scale that is roughly between sea bass and halibut. In fact, grouper are in the same family as various types of bass, which is evident because both species have very large mouths. Grouper is also an extra lean fish.

Like many fish, grouper steaks are an important source of critical vitamins and nutrients that help your body function. A single serving of grouper steak provides about 110 calories. It contains a moderately high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, an essential fat in your diet that helps ease inflammation, lower blood pressure, and provide other cardiovascular support. It is also high in selenium, phosphorous, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

When selecting grouper steaks, follow the criteria you do for any fish. If you are buying a whole grouper, look for a shiny, clear surface. The gills should be red or pink, and you should not notice a distinct fishy smell. Make sure the gills are not showing any mucus or other debris. You want your grouper to be firm and free of any noticeable browning or other discoloring for steaks. Finally, make sure that the store packaging isn't forcing the fish to be twisted unnaturally.

Grouper can be served in various ways: as a showpiece entree, in tacos, on salads, or in soups. Some popular recipes for this fish include grouper Caprese, grilled grouper with olives and oranges; lemon butter grouper fish tacos; blackened grouper; grouper chowder; and oven-grilled grouper steaks with yard-long string beans.

There are estimated to be several hundred grouper species. Red grouper and the so-called "gag" grouper are probably the most common species to find their way into your grocery store. Some of the other species you may encounter include:
  • Black grouper
  • Goliath grouper
  • Nassau grouper
  • Scamp grouper
  • Snowy grouper

Grouper Steaks Near Me

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