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Round Petit Tender Steaks Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to round petit tender steaks

About round petit tender steaks

The round petit tender steak goes by several different names. You may see it called chuck fillet, mock tender, petite filet, tender medallions, faux tender, chuck clod tender, and even fish steak. The latest term for round petite tender steaks is the shoulder petite tender, and this would be the most accurate. 

The shoulder tender comes from the chuck primal cut. It rests on the cow's shoulder next to the top blade, has an oblong shape, and generally runs about three pounds when removed whole from the shoulder's teres major muscle. The muscle itself has almost no fat after a butcher does his work. You're left with a lean piece of meat that has excellent flavor, some say better than the tenderloin, and at far less cost.

You can request a whole round petit tender steak if you want to roast it or portion it yourself. The full cut will be around 10 inches long and 3 inches wide with a medium-coarse grain that runs the length. You'll find speckles of fat that run through the round petit tender steak, but overall, it's a very lean cut. The meat should be bright red and firm to the touch. If you get one in a vacuum-sealed package from a purveyor, check to ensure no excess liquid is present.

Most grocers portion the round petit tender steak into smaller, individual portions. You'll commonly see a 0.75-inch thick piece with a 3-inch diameter that looks very much like the tenderloin. Portions that are too small for steaks may be cubed for kabobs or stew meat. 

Round Petit Tender Steaks Near Me

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