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Whether you already count Jarlsberg cheese as a favorite or you love the taste of Swiss cheese and are looking for something new to try, you can't go wrong with this versatile cheese. Now, you can shop for all your favorite Jarlsberg products via Instacart. Fill your cart with quality Jarlsberg products, then order through Instacart to receive delivery in as little as 2 hours!

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FAQs about Jarlsberg

You'll often hear Jarlsberg referred to as a type of Swiss cheese or baby Swiss cheese. Although similar, Jarlsberg is not the same as Swiss cheese.

Jarlsberg cheese originated in Norway as a direct descendent of Swiss Emmenthaler, which is the classic Swiss cheese with big holes you likely imagine when you hear the phrase Swiss cheese. Emmenthaler cheese came to Scandinavia around 1830. Norwegians in Jarlsberg county soon adapted the recipe to produce a similar nutty, waxy cheese with large holes.

Modern Jarlsberg cheese was developed at the Dairy Institute at the Agricultural University of Norway during the late 1950s. Jarlsberg, as we know it now, is a mix between Emmenthal and Norwegian Gouda cheeses.

Even though they're not the same, you can certainly substitute Jarlsberg if you have a recipe that calls for Swiss cheese. Jarlsberg is an ideal cheese for cooking.

Jarlsberg is an incredibly versatile cheese. You can eat it in an array of both cold and hot dishes. Some ideas for using Jarlsberg include the following:
  • Serving it as part of a cheeseboard.
  • Melting it on a burger.
  • Adding it to macaroni and cheese for an extra cheesy, nutty flavor.
  • Using it as the base of fondue to dip bread, celery sticks, or apple slices.
  • Using it in a panini with mushrooms, ham, or both.
  • Grating it onto a savory dish.
  • Adding thin slices to a sandwich.
From dinner party cheeseboards and fondue to grilled cheese and more, Jarlsberg is ready for anything. Make your day easier and save time shopping for Jarlsberg by ordering via Instacart today!