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The Instacart guide to bitter oranges

About bitter oranges

While bitter oranges may look similar to other varieties of oranges, you might buy from the store to eat or juice, you'll be in for a surprise if you try to eat them raw. This variety of orange, sometimes called a Seville orange, sour orange, bigarade orange, or marmalade orange, is rarely consumed in its raw form. Bitter oranges typically comprise marmalade, which is why some call it a marmalade orange.

The bitter orange is native to Asia, and it's thought to be a hybrid fruit made from mandarins and pomelos. This fruit often lends its scent to essential oils, such as neroli or orange blossom oil and perfume. It has a pleasantly strong citrus scent. Bitter oranges are rarely eaten raw, despite being perfectly safe to eat, because the flavor is very bitter, acidic, and sour. The peel can also be dried and used for seasoning. Bitter oranges have one of the most intense orange flavors of any citrus fruit, making them ideal for flavorings. 

Some cooks use bitter oranges to flavor meat or fish dishes, and bitter oranges are excellent for cooking or baking. They provide an intensely citrus taste in desserts, and they add a fresh flavor to savory dishes. You can also use bitter oranges as a substitute for vinegar. Companies often use bitter oranges to flavor commercial products, such as candies or orange-flavored sauces. Bitter oranges are naturally high in pectin, and it's easy to make marmalade with them. They also make excellent marinades, salad dressings, herbal teas, compotes, and aioli. 

You'll find bitter oranges during their peak season, which is typically from winter through early spring. They have a thick peel that can range from a light yellow to dark orange. They're round and juicy, and you'll find they have many seeds, which are the source of much of the fruit's natural pectin. Like other citrus fruits, bitter oranges are also high in vitamin C.

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