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FAQs about dill

Freezing dill will allow you to keep it usable for months down the line. You can freeze the leafy stems and flower heads. Start by rinsing the dill fronds and flower heads with water, which will remove any remaining insects and dust. Gently shake them after to reduce the amount of residual moisture. 

Hang the bunches upside down to dry, which will help them keep their shape. If you don't want to hang your dill upside down, put it on something absorbent, such as layers of paper towels. You don't want to let it get too dry, though. When ready, put your dill in an airtight container. If you can set the container upright in the freezer, your dill will retain its shape.

Dill, or dill weed, is the leaves and stems of the dill plant. Dill seeds are the seeds, which are the fruit of the plant. Their flavors have some notable differences. Dried dill weed has similar notes to parsley and anise, with a hint of lemon. Dill seeds also have anise characteristics, but they also have caraway flavors. Some people say the seeds are more bitter and even pungent, whereas dill weed is more subtle. When heated, dill seeds have a stronger flavor. 

Because of their different flavor profiles, dill seeds and fresh dill should not be used interchangeably. For example, you could use dill seeds in various acidic dishes such as pickled fish, pickled beets, etc. They are commonly used in Eastern European, Scandinavian, and Indian cuisine. Consider adding dill to your lentils or legumes, which can aid in digestion. For fresh dill weed, consider fish, potato salad, dips, and coleslaw. You might find some salad dressings and vinegar that call for both dill leaves and seeds.