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Buy your favorite SIGNATURE SELECTS Cornish Hen online with Instacart. Order SIGNATURE SELECTS Cornish Hen from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about Cornish hen

While chicken meat contains many of the same healthy vitamins and minerals, Cornish hens are younger and contain less fat and fewer calories. They are also composed of primarily white meat, which is high in niacin. All poultry have plenty of protein and B vitamins which protect against skin disease, heart disorders, and cataracts. Cornish hens have high vitamin D for strengthening bones, while their vitamin A content is essential for healthy eyesight.

Cornish hens are a variety of chicken, though there are distinct differences between the two. First, Cornish hens are much smaller than other poultry and weigh just 1-2 pounds compared to a chicken's 5-6. Secondly, because Cornish hens are much younger, the meat is more tender when cooked. 

Another notable difference is the fat content. Cornish hens are primarily white meat, which is lean and contains plenty of niacin, a nutrient that may help lower cholesterol and improve brain function.  Cornish hens are also too small to sell without bones. 

The same as chicken, raw Cornish hen can contain bacteria like salmonella and listeria. Be careful when handling to prevent any cross-contamination, and try to make hens the item you pick up in the store. Bag any poultry securely, so the juices don't leak onto other food items, and refrigerate at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Cornish hens can store in the fridge for 1-2 days before cooking. Leaving uncooked poultry on the counter to thaw can cause bacterial growth, so you should defrost in the refrigerator. Any cooked meat should go directly into the fridge rather than sitting around on the counter or in the pan. 

While there are many ways to prepare Cornish hen, one of the most popular is roasting. These hens are easier to roast because of their smaller size and take less time to achieve the perfect combination of crispy skin and succulent meat. Cornish hens' small size makes them a fast-cooking bird, with most needing only 20-25 minutes in an oven set to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.