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FAQs about salted butter

The salt content is the only major difference between salted and unsalted butter, but what does this mean for your cooking? Unsalted butter is usually the best choice for baking, where chemical reactions are crucial. Unsalted butter offers a creamier taste that allows the dairy flavor to really shine through.

Salted butter is often preferable if you're making a sauce or spread where you want the salty flavor. If you're pan-frying or browning food in butter, salted butter is a handy choice that can add more flavor to the dish. Simply remember that there's already salt in your butter, so you don't need to add as much salt to the recipe.

If you're substituting salted butter for unsalted butter in a pinch, you'll need to reduce the overall salt content in the recipe to get a comparable flavor. If the baking recipe calls for salt, decrease this by 1/4 teaspoon for each 1/2 cup of butter. If there's no salt in the recipe or there isn't enough salt to make the proper adjustment, your finished product may have a noticeably saltier taste than intended.

It's great to keep butter on hand for baking, cooking, and flavoring purposes. If you're running low, you can order butter through Instacart and schedule convenient same-day delivery, saving yourself a trip to the store!