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Buy your favorite Franklin Auto Parts online with Instacart. Order Franklin Car Batteries, Oil Filters, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about auto parts

The engines in modern cars can last for more than 200,000mi. Heavy-duty trucks usually don't have life spans as long as cars. Going up steep hills often could shorten your vehicle's life as well. However, repairing is usually much less costly than buying a new vehicle. Your vehicle's gas mileage will go down over time, but regular maintenance can keep it as high as possible. Your mileage will also decrease when you tow a trailer or use the heating or air conditioning.

Hybrids and plug-in hybrids have batteries and electric motors, along with gas engines. You can charge a plug-in hybrid and use only electrical power for a limited distance. With a regular hybrid, braking or coasting charges the battery and increases efficiency. Hybrids are more costly, but they don't need as much fuel as standard gasoline vehicles.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are much quieter than conventional autos, and they have great acceleration as well. Some electric cars have front and rear trunks because they don't need the same engine space as a conventional car. Charging a car is also less costly than paying for gasoline.

To keep your ride in great condition for a long time, check all fluid levels whenever you change the oil and use fuel injector cleaner at least once per year. This chemical removes carbon deposits that build up inside your engine over time, increasing your fuel efficiency.

Fuel injector cleaner via Instacart can also help your engine run more smoothly and increase throttle responsiveness. It's inexpensive and easy to use. Just pour it into your tank when it's almost empty, and then fill the tank the rest of the way with fuel. Before you buy fuel injector cleaner, check your tank's capacity and make sure you purchase the right size.

(OEM) stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and a car manufacturer makes OEM parts. They're usually more expensive than aftermarket parts, but they're made for a specific model, and they often last longer. Many quality aftermarket parts are available as well, and you can use them to replace components like windshield wipers and oil filters that fit on many different vehicles.

You should also check your tire pressure regularly and change your engine air filter at least once per year. If there's a chip on your windshield, have it repaired immediately. Otherwise, it could spread, forcing you to replace the entire windshield. Follow the schedule in your owner's manual to ensure you don't miss any maintenance and keep your car's interior and exterior clean.

You can remove any dirt or rust with some scrubbing and keep your vehicle looking like new for years. If you notice unusual sounds, vibrations, sluggish or unresponsive handling, or any other problems, inspect your vehicle or have it looked at by a professional. You likely need to repair or replace one of your auto parts.

With Instacart, you can save time and money. Just place an order through the Instacart app. You can get the auto parts you need in as little as 2 hours. Our Instacart shoppers will do their best to make sure you're satisfied, and you can choose from a variety of quality products.