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FAQs about chicken kabobs

As you browse recipes, you might see some for “chicken kabobs” and others for “chicken kebabs.” It's easy to get confused and wonder if these terms are different or if they're simply alternative ways to spell the same thing.

In the United States, these spellings can be used interchangeably. “Kabob” is the most common spelling, while “kebab” usually appears as part of “shish kebab.” Either way, the term refers to the classic dish of grilled and skewered meat and vegetables. Note that “kabob” or “kebab” can refer to beef or other types of meat, so it's important to specify if you want chicken.

You can prepare part of the recipe in advance, but it's usually best to grill the chicken kabobs right before you plan to serve them. For example, most chicken kabob recipes call for you to marinate the meat prior to grilling. Although you can usually marinate the chicken for as little as a few hours, letting this process go overnight allows the meat to absorb even more flavors.

For best results, prepare the marinade the day before you plan to grill and let the chicken soak up the liquid for 24 hours. Be sure to keep the chicken refrigerated while marinating. When you're ready to eat, remove the chicken from the marinade, assemble the kabobs, and get grilling.

If you're planning a classic kabob feast, complete with skewered chicken and vegetables, then you might be concerned about these diverse elements cooking properly. After all, when you prepare stir-fries and other dishes that contain mixed meat and vegetables, you often cook the elements separately or for different amounts of time.

When you prepare kabobs, you can avoid burning the vegetables or undercooking the chicken simply by preparing the skewers carefully. Take care to dice or cut the chicken and vegetables in similar shapes and sizes to help them cook evenly. To keep the chicken and vegetables at the same distance from the flames, be sure to make them all larger than the spaces between the grill bars.

As you grill the chicken kabobs, take care to turn them periodically so each side can cook evenly. Remove them from the grill as soon as they're finished, and enjoy!