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Buy your favorite Nature's Promise Barramundi online with Instacart. Order Nature's Promise Barramundi from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about barramundi

Salmon and barramundi both offer health benefits, but barramundi tends to have fewer calories without reducing their level of healthy fatty acids. A typical piece of barramundi contains, on average, half the calories of a piece of Salmon. It also contains high levels of protein without adding to the calorie count. Barramundi also contains good levels of vitamin D and potassium.

Fresh barramundi should be cooked or frozen within two days. Specific freshness dates will vary, but two days is a good rule to follow. Frozen barramundi should be used within two years from the date of freezing. When thawing, keep it in its original package and run it under cold water. Avoid pre-thawing it in the fridge or removing packaging to defrost. Use thawed fish immediately for the best results.

Barramundi is generally a mild-tasting fish, so some people prefer to top it with sauces, like lemon or garlic butter. You might also top your Barramundi with tomato sauce or create tasty skewers with your favorite vegetables. When cooking barramundi, your options are endless. You could even cut it up and add it to tacos or put it in your favorite soup dish.