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FAQs about eggnog

You can freeze eggnog. However, you should avoid freezing eggnog for longer than 6 months to enjoy the best possible quality. You also want to avoid refreezing eggnog you have already frozen and thawed. The product will likely go bad if you defrost the drink for a second time.

You will want to keep some best practices in mind if you decide to freeze the eggnog product you want to save. Make sure you freeze your eggnog before the expiration date listed on the carton. You'll also typically want to freeze your eggnog before you open the carton.

Place the eggnog carton upright in your freezer. Then, place the carton in heavy plastic freezer storage bags after the liquid has frozen. You're now ready to enjoy your favorite seasonal drink whenever the craving hits, even if you're drinking it a few months after the holiday.

When you are ready to defrost the frozen eggnog, you should move the container from the freezer to the refrigerator and let your eggnog thaw overnight. Avoid thawing eggnog by letting it sit at room temperature. Leaving frozen eggnog at room temperature will cause the ingredients to break down, leading to a lumpy, all-around unpleasant consistency. Leaving thawed eggnog sitting out for too long can also cause the eggnog to go bad due to the drink's egg product.

Keep in mind that separation may occur after you thaw eggnog. You can fix separation issues by shaking the eggnog well or using a blender to blend the ingredients better.

You can serve eggnog cold or hot. If you want to warm defrosted eggnog, you can either heat it for a few minutes in the microwave or reheat it in a pot on a stovetop over medium heat.

While standard homemade eggnog recipes typically call for alcohol, many eggnog products sold in grocery stores do not contain alcohol in them. You have the freedom to add alcohol to taste or enjoy an alcohol-free version of this favorite drink when you purchase many commercially produced eggnog products.

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