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Store Brand Baked Goods Delivery or Pickup

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Buy your favorite Store Brand Baked Goods online with Instacart. Order Store Brand Bread, Bakery Desserts, Flatbreads, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about baked goods

The shelf life of baked goods depends on several factors, including how they are prepared and whether they contain any preservatives. Many commercially produced baked goods contain some type of preservative to help them last longer without going stale or growing mold. You can check the date on the packaging, although this is usually the recommended date by which to consume the product and doesn't represent a safety concern.

If you eat a baked good past its expiration date, the freshness and quality may be lessened, but the product likely is still safe for consumption. However, if you can see mold on the baked good, it's best to toss it and purchase fresh bread, as the mold spores can make you sick.

You can freeze nearly all types of baked goods. In order to preserve the freshness, make sure that each individual good is wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in an airtight bag or container to provide an airtight seal. When exposed to the air, baked goods can dry out and become hard, making them much less appealing. Precut bread can be toasted straight from the freezer, although most other baked goods should be thawed before heating. Brownies and dessert bars with a fudgy texture may become slightly moister after being frozen and thawed.

You can also freeze the dough of most baked goods. Cookie dough should be thawed at room temperature or in the refrigerator for two to four hours before baking. Frozen baked goods and frozen dough should be used within three months.

Most baked goods store best at room temperature. Cold air dries out the products in your refrigerator, which isn't good for bread, cookies, or other tasty baked goods. Keep them in airtight containers to avoid too much exposure to the air, which can cause the foods to dry out and go stale faster. Muffins, pastries, and breads start to stale after two to three days, but brownies and cookies can taste fresh for up to five days when stored properly. Add a slice of bread to the storage container to regulate moisture and keep baked goods fresh for longer.

Even pies and cakes will stay fresher when stored on the counter rather than in the refrigerator. If a baked good contains dairy products, such as cream, custard, or buttercream frosting, it should be refrigerated to maintain food safety.

If you're baking your own goods, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of flour types available. However, using the right type of flour for your recipe will yield better results. The most commonly used flour type is all-purpose flour, which contains soft and hard varieties of wheat. It's versatile and works in many recipes, including those for pastries, cookies, bread, and other baked goods. Cake flour has a lower protein content and less gluten, producing softer and moister baked goods.

Bread flour contains only hard wheat and has a higher protein content, which is useful in helping bread to rise properly. Another type is 00 flour, also known as Italian flour, which is finer in texture and works well for baked goods that you roll out, as it creates a stretchy dough that won't break as easily. Almond flour is a gluten-free alternative made from blanched almonds.

Many baked goods contain yeast, a single-cell organism that converts its source of nutrition — starch and sugar — into alcohol and carbon dioxide through fermentation. Yeast ferments the sugars in the flour used in baked goods to release carbon dioxide, and the expansion of the gas causes the dough to rise or inflate. The result is the light, fluffy texture for which bread, rolls, and other similar baked goods are known. 

Baking yeast is available in two main forms, which are fresh yeast and active dry yeast. Fresh yeast is made of yeast cells compressed into small square cakes that contain 70% moisture content. Active dry yeast is an effective alternative that has a longer shelf life. Instant yeast is another form of active dry yeast that can be added directly to other ingredients, while active dry yeast is dormant until you proof it, which occurs when dissolved in lukewarm water. 

Whether you're looking for a tasty treat to enjoy after your favorite meal or you're shopping for bread to complement a new recipe, baked goods are always a welcome addition to your shopping list. Use Instacart to get fresh baked goods from local retailers in your area, delivered straight to your door for the ultimate in convenience. You can also schedule a pickup of baked goods, often ready within 2 hours or less.