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André Champagne and Sparkling Wine Delivery or Pickup

André Champagne and Sparkling Wine Near Me

Buy your favorite André Champagne and Sparkling Wine online with Instacart. Order André Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about Champagne and sparkling wine

The iconic Champagne flute is always a great choice for drinking bubbly, as its elegant height is specially crafted to maintain the integrity of those fizzy bubbles. That said, many wine connoisseurs prefer to enjoy their Champagne or sparkling wine from a white wine glass. This vessel's slightly wider opening allows them to better appreciate the aromas and flavors that make sparkling wines so special. 

The theater of the thunderous pop of a wine cork and overflowing foam is a spectacle, to be sure. However, if you are opening a bottle at home, rest assured the process does not have to be nearly so dramatic — or messy! 

Unwrap the metallic foil around the top of the bottle to reveal the wire cage. Twist the closure to release the metal cage from the cork gently. Using a dishtowel, hold the cork in one hand with the towel over it while gently twisting the bottle in the other hand. The pressure will slowly release and disengage the cork and keep all the precious liquid safely in the bottle instead of all over the floor.

Whether you choose Champagne, Prosecco, or any of the myriad options of sparkling wine, let Instacart help make your next event extra special. Order for same-day delivery, and have these products at your door in as little as 2 hours! Now that's something to celebrate!