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Catoctin Creek American Whiskey Delivery or Pickup

Catoctin Creek American Whiskey Near Me

Buy your favorite Catoctin Creek American Whiskey online with Instacart. Order Catoctin Creek American Whiskey from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about American whiskey

Protect your American whiskey from temperature extremes and sunlight by storing it in a cool, dark place such as a pantry or cupboard. Always keep your opened whiskeys tightly sealed to prevent evaporation of the alcohol. Drink opened whiskeys within two years.

Instacart makes it easy to get your favorite whiskey delivered straight to your home. When you purchase whiskey with us, please note the following:
  • We can only sell alcohol to you if you are 21 years or older.
  • At this time, we are unable to fulfill special requests for alcohol.
  • If the whiskey you ordered is out of stock, your shopper will work with you to find an acceptable replacement. If a replacement is unavailable, your shopper will remove the item from your order and refund your money.
  • Whiskey cannot substitute for a nonalcoholic item.
  • When your whiskey is delivered, you must provide an acceptable ID to your shopper.
  • For everyone's safety, our shoppers cannot deliver whiskey to a visibly intoxicated person.

Instacart accepts U.S. driver's licenses, state-issued IDs, and military IDs. You can also use your U.S. passport unless your whiskey is part of a Walmart, Costco, or California-based order.

Your shopper will scan or manually enter your ID information when they deliver your whiskey. California, Walmart, and Costco prohibit the manual entry of ID information.