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FAQs about playing cards

Card games can offer hours of fun, whether you're playing with one other partner or a big group of friends. You'll find card games to play with a standard deck that require varying levels of skill or difficulty, so you're sure to find a game that's perfect for your group. Some games you can play with a standard deck of cards include:
  • 500 rummy: You can play 500 rummy with just one other person, and the game doesn't take long. Even if you start out badly, you have a chance to win. The game involves grouping cards in sequences and sets to score 500 points.
  • Crazy eights: Crazy eights requires patience and focus, but it's still well-suited to playing with kids. The person who can get rid of all their cards first wins.
  • Poker: All you need is a standard deck of cards and some chips to play this classic game.

Whether you're planning a fun game night or you're just looking for a way to pass the time, cards get every member of the family engaged. You can try games with a classic deck or buy a specialty set of cards for specific games. Some kid-friendly card games include:
  • Go fish: This is a perfect first game for kids interested in cards. Kids can learn about numbers and patterns while playing.
  • Uno: Played with the specialty Uno card deck, this game promises fun for hours. You can play Uno with two or more players. You'll even find special decks with images of characters from movies. Kids will love matching colors and numbers — just remember to shout "Uno!" when you have one card left in your hand!
  • War: You can use any deck of cards. The aim is to get the entire deck by playing higher cards than your opponent.

If you're looking for ways to use your playing cards when you're alone, you're in luck. You'll find a variety of one-player card games to pass the time. Some card games you can play by yourself include:
  • Solitaire: A one-player classic, this card game has spawned a variety of versions. Standard solitaire, or klondike, requires just one 52-card pack of playing cards. You'll win the game if you can get all cards in their proper sequences and suits.
  • Spider solitaire: Grab two standard 52-card decks and look forward to some fun. You'll need to assemble 13 cards of a suit in ascending sequences. If you play out all eight suits, you'll win.
  • Devil's grip: Try Devil's grip if you're looking for a more challenging stacking.

Playing cards aren't only suited to specific games. Some people even collect different decks of cards as a hobby. Other things you can do once you have a deck of playing cards in hand include:
  • Cartomancy: Use random cards for fortune telling. Special tarot decks and other decks exist, but you can also use a standard deck of 52 cards.
  • House of cards: Also known as a card tower or card stacking, a house of cards is not as easy to construct as it may appear. See how many stories you can build before the cards tumble down. You'll find techniques and strategies online to improve.
  • Magic: If you're ever watched a magic show, you've seen some card tricks up close and personal. Kids and adults alike love using playing cards for magic. Look for cards that handle well if you're experimenting with cards as part of your magic repertoire.
Whether you're adding to your collection of special card decks, looking for a transportable but fun game to have on hand while you're on the go with family or friends, or anything in between, Instacart makes finding the playing cards you need easier than ever before. Let Instacart simplify the shopping experience and order your playing cards using the app today!