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Buy your favorite Redsun Campari Tomatoes online with Instacart. Order Redsun Campari Tomatoes from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about Campari tomatoes

Campari tomatoes are grown hydroponically and ripened on the vine. Meanwhile, other types of tomatoes are picked before they are ripe. When tomatoes are ripened on the vine, pesticides are not needed during the growth process. If you try to avoid fruits and vegetables with pesticides, Campari tomatoes are an excellent option. 
There are several health benefits of Campari tomatoes. For one, these tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that is believed to potentially reduce the risk of cancer. Campari tomatoes are also linked to bone and heart health. They've even been shown to lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol. Platelet cells in the blood can aggregate, leading to atherosclerosis, but eating Campari tomatoes can actually lower the risk of this happening as well.