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Buy your favorite Oneonta Trading Corporation Golden Delicious Apples online with Instacart. Order Oneonta Trading Corporation Golden Delicious Apples from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about Golden Delicious apples

The white flesh of Golden Delicious apples oxidizes when exposed to air, causing cut apples to turn brown. Use the following methods to keep your apple slices crisp and white for hours:
  • Saltwater: Dissolve a half teaspoon of kosher salt in a cup of cold water. Submerge apple slices in a saltwater solution for ten minutes.
  • Submerged in water: Add apple slices to a storage container filled with cold water. Place a clean paper towel on top to ensure that all apple slices stay submerged and cover tightly.
  • Rubber band: Cut an apple into slices and then put the pieces back together, ensuring that all cut sides are touching. Wrap the apple tightly with a rubber band. This method is great for lunches.
  • Honey: Soak apple slices for one minute in a solution of two teaspoons honey per cup of water.
  • Pineapple or citrus juice: Squeeze juice directly onto apple slices or add a tablespoon of juice to submerging liquid.
Always store treated apple slices in the refrigerator, in a food-safe plastic bag with the air removed (or in a container if using the submerging method).

Golden Delicious apples should be kept dry in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Keep apples away from strongly-scented produce  (such as onions or garlic) as apples will absorb the scent. Properly stored, apples will last for several weeks in the fridge. Cut apples should be kept in the fridge and used within a few days.

The large majority of Golden Delicious apples are not genetically modified. Golden Delicious apples are a chance hybridization of two yellow apple varieties. Modern orchards create new Golden Delicious trees with grafting processes used for thousands of years. 

Only one variety of Golden Delicious apples sold in the US is genetically modified. The Arctic Golden apple is a non-browning apple, genetically engineered to stay crisp and white when cut. This apple was developed to deal with food waste, as nearly 50% of the apples grown in the United States are thrown away due to damage and browning. Arctic apples are sold only as pre-packaged slices, not whole apples.

Golden Delicious apples are a tasty, nutritious addition to your plate. Instacart can help you get fresh Golden Delicious apples, even in the middle of a busy week! Use the Instacart app to order your apples, and our knowledgeable shoppers will do the rest. With Instacart's contact-free delivery or pickup, you can order and enjoy your apples in as little as 2 hours!