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FAQs about chicken forequarters

The most delicious part of the chicken depends on your personal preferences. Some of the most common chicken cuts include:
  • Chicken forequarter: Since it includes the breast and the wing, the chicken forequarter captures the best of both worlds. You can prepare this cut whole or separate it into pieces.
  • Chicken breast: One of the most popular cuts of chicken, the breast works well in baked, roasted, or even grilled dishes.
  • Chicken tender: Since it comes from the chicken tenderloin, tenders are remarkably juicy. You can bake tenders, but they're also fun to season, bread, and enjoy as finger foods.
  • Chicken thigh: The tastiest dark meat parts, chicken thighs are ideal for roasting or grilling.
  • Chicken wing: Whether you prefer spicy or sweet, chicken wings pair perfectly with your favorite sauces. They also go well with dipping sauces if you want to layer on the flavors.

Although some chicken cuts appear on menus and in grocery stores less often than others, you can eat just about every part of a chicken. Here's how to prepare some of the less popular parts:
  • Chicken liver: This organ is completely different from most chicken cuts, but it can be just as tasty. You can fry chicken livers for bite-size snacks or saute them with onions.
  • Chicken gizzards: These organs can be tough, so it's important to give them plenty of time to cook. Try braising them in liquid or grilling them on a skewer.
  • Chicken tail: Since they're relatively fatty, chicken tails might not be at the top of your list. However, they can be delicious when grilled and slathered with a soy sauce glaze.

When you buy chicken, it's important to make sure you prepare and eat it before it goes bad. Frozen chicken parts, such as forequarters, can usually keep up to nine months in the freezer. An entire raw chicken can keep in the freezer for up to a year.

If you buy a chicken forequarter fresh or defrost it in the refrigerator, be sure to cook and eat it within a day or two. If you sense a change in texture or smell, consider it a sign that the chicken has gone bad, and you should dispose of it.

After cooking chicken forequarters, you can refrigerate any leftovers. It's best to eat the leftovers within three or four days to prevent them from going bad.