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Buy your favorite Hy-Vee Appenzeller online with Instacart. Order Hy-Vee Appenzeller from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQ for Appenzeller cheese

Appenzeller cheese is very versatile. It can be the centerpiece of any cheese plate with its pleasant and strong flavor. It bakes well and can be a delightful addition to make savory muffins or bread. Appenzeller also melts well and is an ideal cheese to use for a fondue platter. It's an ideal cheese to use in the classic Swiss dish raclette. You may also enjoy broiling it on top of pasta or meats. It serves as an excellent topping for potatoes, bread, or crackers as well.

Appenzeller cheese is a spicy cheese. This is because of the herbal brine that the cheese is rubbed down and preserved with. The cheese has a nutty flavor, and it has small holes. As it ages, it becomes spicier as the brine is absorbed into the cheese. Its rind will also thicken, and it can develop from a brownish color to an orange one. Its texture is smooth, open, and firm. The flavor profiles can vary from fruity to flowery and, of course, spicy depending on the mixture that the cheesemaker uses.

Cheese has essential nutrients the body needs. It contains protein to give the body the fuel it needs. It also has vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B, vitamin A, and calcium, which are all part of a healthy diet.

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