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1792 Small Batch Bourbon Delivery or Pickup

1792 Small Batch Bourbon Near Me

Buy your favorite 1792 Small Batch Bourbon online with Instacart. Order 1792 Small Batch Bourbon from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about small-batch bourbon

No, all bourbon, regardless of whether it's a flagship, small-batch, or single barrel, gets all of its flavors from the charring found on the brand-new oak barrels. It's technically illegal to add any type of flavoring to bourbon. This means that you can cook with it and drink it without worrying about ingesting any type of chemicals. However, some distilleries use new techniques where they finish the bourbon in brandy or sherry barrels. If this occurs, the bourbon will have unregulated techniques listed clearly on the label.

When drinking small-batch bourbon, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this spirit. Some of the more common ways to drink it include the following:
  • Manhattan: As one of the quintessential bourbon cocktails, a Manhattan also has bitters and sweet vermouth, all served in a martini glass.
  • Mint julep: A staple at the Kentucky Derby, this drink combines bourbon, spearmint, sugar, and water to create this aromatic cocktail.
  • Neat: Purists believe this is the only way to appreciate alcohol. Drinking it neat means the bourbon is at room temperature straight without ice or other additives.
  • On the rocks: If you're someone who doesn't like drinking liquid at room temperature, consider having your bourbon on the rocks. This means the bourbon is poured over ice, and although it will dilute some of the stronger flavors, you can still sip and enjoy it.  

When you're not admiring the small-batch bourbon bottle, you should store it in the upright position. This way, you protect the cork. Laying the bottle on its side, much like you would with a wine bottle, will cause the bourbon to come in contact with the cork. Due to the high alcohol content of the bourbon, its prolonged exposure to the cork will destroy the cork.

Try to store the bourbon in an area of your home that doesn't experience vast temperature changes and is away from direct sunlight. Extreme heat can cause a loss in volume due to evaporation. A good rule to follow is if the temperature of the space is comfortable to you, then it should be comfortable to the bourbon.